The Cast Directors

The collective is run by Thea and Sophie. We act as the main point of contact and your creative partner. We specialize in assembling, leading and directing project teams.


Thea Tyvi

Thea Tyvi is a Content Strategist, Content Producer and Production Manager with extensive experience working on editorial web content and global digital projects. Thea loves reading and writing, Finland and indulgence.

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Sophie Raland Wesslau 

Sophie Raland Wesslau is a project lead and all-round marketeer with graphic design as a foundation. Her experience includes working primarily in advertising, IT and recruitment. Sophie loves laughing, champagne and meeting new people.
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Becoming a Cast Member

As a Cast Member you become part of our network of collaborators and support. It all starts with a project, so if you are new to us, drop us a line if you have an opportunity you’d like to work with us on.

Our Cast List

Our network consists of sole traders, small agencies and individuals with whom we create our project teams. The list includes managers, creatives, writers, strategists, techies, stylists, designers, facilitators, artists and everything in between. If you are looking for new opportunities, what are you waiting for? Contact us to be on our Cast List.

Becoming a Cast Client

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, and we believe we can take on any project size.

We work with established brands in need of transformation, startups who need help off the ground, agencies and/or independent creatives looking to grow or re-position, and companies who need organisational support.

It all starts with a conversation, so feel free to say hello!