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Meet Sophie R Wesslau

Meet Sophie R Wesslau

Hi, my name is Sophie and I am one of the founders of The Cast.

I am a digital marketer with an extra love for design and publishing.

I currently run Savvy Business, working with three different marketing departments. I’m, amongst other things, producing and designing content for websites and newsletters, updating social media and artworking design for print. I am also building my offer, and am currently, in fact, on the hunt for new clients who need help with recruitment, artworking for print, coaching and/or web editing. 

My goal is to constantly evolve and grow. My years of experience have given me a good insight into different business cultures. This is an area I’m also hoping to dig into. I want to help companies and their employees to better communicate and their leaders to become greater listeners. I’m also aiming to do more personal and professional coaching.

Three defining moments

1. Designing my life philosophy – at 13.

When I was 13 years old, I set some guidelines of how I would want to live my life. These guidelines are just as apropo today, and they have definitely defined parts of my behaviour, personality and who I am today.

I still live by these guidelines, here are a few:

  • Don’t ever allow anyone to push or hold me down.
  • Be a friendly friend: Treat everyone else like I want to be treated. No one is different. Don’t leave anyone outside. Don’t talk behind others backs. Always be there for your friends.
  • Accept that EQ is just as valuable as IQ.
  • Try not to get too affected by outer ideals.
  • Doing my best is good enough.
  • Helping people in my profession.
  • When asked, always answer truthfully.

2.  Meeting my soulmate

“Majsan” and I grew up in totally different parts of Stockholm. During our upbringing, our world’s couldn’t be further apart – she was even part of a different generation. Who knew that this hard-boiled chick, whom I met the first time in a web agency, would become my soulmate. The age difference never mattered, as the way we click is smooth like a well-oiled machine. “Majsan” has since the very first second together understood me; we laugh, cry and are continue making plans together.

I have never met someone who I can communicate this easily with. We rarely talk in complete sentences, as a matter of fact, we hardly even use real words. No need. We just know what happens in the other person’s head. 

Majsan brings me joy, inspiration and strength.

3. Running my own business!

I guess I’ve always known that starting my own business would be great for me. Since I became independent, my belief in myself and self-confidence has grown rapidly.

Meeting new people and personalities means a great deal for me, it’s one of my favourite things. And now, being my own boss, I can do that everyday! Being out-and-about on different projects I see many different cultures. I would say I’m a pro in adapting to change, and I always challenge myself in becoming one with these new environments every time.

Contact & Links


Tw: @sophiewesslau
Insta: @savvybusiness.se
Linked In

Email: sophie@wesslau.com
Phone: +46 (0) 704243464

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