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Meet Jenny Theolin

Meet Jenny Theolin

Hi, my name is Jenny and I am one of the founders of The Cast.

I am is a creative director, producer and educator specialising in the visual arts, music and culture.

I currently head up Studio Theolin, a consultancy specialising in brand and experience, with curation thrown into the mix, and I teach, lectures and collaborate with international schools and universities. I'm currently running the part-time MA Digital Management programme at Hyper Island, and I work ongoing with Berghs School of Communication and the other Hyper Island programs.

I am an active member of the Design Sweden board, where I recently led its complete overhaul and rebrand alongside a fantastic project team.

I speak at various talks, events and conferences and am an active writer. I recently spoke at the launch of She Says in Stockholm, was filmed for BBC News, wrote opinions for Design Week and Creative Bloq – and covered creative events for Digital Arts Magazine. I'm also also published in Startup Guide Stockholm, CITIx60 Stockholm, David Airey’s book Work For Money, Design For Love and Steven Brower’s Inside Art Direction.

‘Doing interesting things in interesting places with interesting people’ is my ultimate aim, and that can never be achieved without the individuals around me, the risk of failing epically, knowing what’s not done before – and trusting my gut.

Three defining moments

1. Travel

If there is one thing I know it's change. The first 21 years of my life I flew on a diplomatic passport, and I have had the privilege to live in seven different countries. Since starting out my life as a toddler in Tokyo, graduating with an IB in Istanbul and commencing my creative career in London, my life includes many stories and thrills. This has definitely shaped who I am today: how I adapt to change, how I am always eager for 'the new' and the reasons why I love people and culture so much.

2. Repetitive Strain Injury

I began my career as a graphic designer in 2000, and the more I learnt the more I realised how little I knew. As a designer you can argue I was over-passionate, and due to such tenacity, and perhaps the London tempo, my body decided I wasn’t physically equipped to handle the stress the computer work had on it. So, after 9 years as a designer, I completely changed how I work, and re-positioned myself as a creative director and curator. After a few more years working agency-side, I eventually set up my first business in the UK in 2009.  

Here is an article I wrote about this in Design Week..


This project was the one that somehow paved the way for my professional life. What was it you may ask? A 4-week long group art show exploring the weird and wonderful world of lolcats.

This was the first exhibition that made me realise that THIS, THIS is what I want to be doing. I brought together an array of cool cats and witty kitties – including graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, animators, and writers. Ignoring the crudely makeshift LOLCAT aesthetic, each of these artists came up with their unique take on the theme to create a piece of beautiful, amusing and exquisitely crafted LOLCAT art. The exhibition took place at The Framers Gallery and was held in aid of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

And it took the internet by storm! 


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